Junior the Turkey

Junior the Turkey

Meet Junior the Turkey - A customer favorite in the Schoolhouse Earth petting zoo!

For years, Junior has been a favorite of visitors to our petting zoo. He's a friendly turkey and often goes out and about, welcoming guests. You may find him perched on the fence close to the chicken coop, where his partner Lacy likes to hang out. He is also very inquisitive, like most turkeys, and likes to explore the courtyard... and sometimes the buildings! Who knew that turkeys like to shop!?!

Junior's feathers are long, so you might hear them dragging on the ground, making a scratching sound, as he walks. He gets new feathers every year, so this isn't a problem. Did you know that turkeys have 5,000 to 6,000 feathers? Take a close look, and you'll see so many different colors and patterns.

When Junior wants attention, you'll see him puff up and put all his feathers on display. This is called strutting. Listen closely, and you might hear a deep thump or drumming sound. This is all part of Junior's courtship efforts.

We hope you'll visit Junior soon and see all his beauty in person!


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