We Welcome Sparky!

We Welcome Sparky!

Sparky is the newest addition to our Petting Zoo! He comes from a local farm where he was born premature. Due to his smaller size he wasn't always treated well by his peers. So his new home is with us, and we are very excited to have him!

Today was an exciting day at Schoolhouse Earth.  We welcomed the newest member to our petting zoo, Sparky!  Curiosity brought all the animals out of the barn to see what all the commotion was about.  Callie (horse) had her ears perked up and her neck stretch out as tall as possible, so she didn’t miss a moment of the action.  It's always exciting to watch the animals meet a new addition to the family.  Some of the animals keep their distance and are content to keep an eye on things from afar. Others are so curious they can’t stay back!

It is common for our petting zoo animals to have special buddies.  Usually these are the ones they want to share a stall with in the barn.  We will just have to wait and see who Sparky’s buddy is.  For now, he is living with the goats, and they are all figuring out how to be friends.  The rest of the animals are keeping a close eye on everything from their side of the fence.

Sparky comes to us from a local farm.  He was born prematurely and struggled to be accepted by his herd.  It seems he was experiencing a little bullying.  He is from the Guernsey family of cattle, and he has the traditional red-brown coloring with white accents.  We think he is adorable!

Hopefully you will get a chance to stop in and meet this big fella.  Of course, all the other animals will be glad to see you as well!  They love to have their picture taken and make new friends.